Our mission

Build the world's most beloved shipping company

We’re a team of customer experience fanatics, technologists & logistics nerds.

Investors and Advisors

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Want to join us?

We’re a small team on a mission to upend the trillion-dollar international parcel shipping industry.

The Passport Way

We're upending a massive industry with smart (and huge!) competitors.

Passport wins because we deliver the best international shipping experience. What's our competitive advantage? We are obsessed about customers and we work faster, together.

Our mission is to build the world’s most beloved shipping company.

Learn more about our core values below:

Customer Obsession
  • Deliver a WOW experience to every customer.

  • Always ask, “What’s best for the customer?”

  • Fight on behalf of all of our customers. The brand who uses us to ship to their fans; their logistics partner that handles fulfillment; the consumers who can’t wait to receive their packages.

  • Value diverse ideas and perspectives. Great ideas can come from anywhere and we’re building our team accordingly.

  • Live by the Golden Rule. We approach each other with respect, we engage with each other’s ideas, we trust each other to deliver.

  • Be a champion for the team. We win together, we lose together.

Act Fast, Learn Faster, Level-Up
  • Calculate the risk and move quickly. Speed is a startup’s great equalizer.

  • Be curious. Pull a string, you never know what you might uncover when you diverge.

  • Use data from customers, the market, etc. to learn and improve.

  • Always assume that we can do better.

Prioritize Impact
  • Prioritize impact over activity. Hard work alone isn’t sufficient to achieve our mission.

  • Let data guide you to make better (and bigger) decisions.

  • Identify root causes, and get beyond treating symptoms.

You Are an Owner

Own your work, and hold your teammates accountable for results. Always ask, “Would I put my name on it?” for any work that Passport produces.