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Passport Announces Nita Lathia as Head of Marketplaces

Passport Announces Nita Lathia as Head of Marketplaces

Former Pitney Bowes Executive Brings a Decade of Proven Cross-Border Delivery Expertise and Strategic Solutions for E-Commerce Marketplaces

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Passport, an international shipping carrier built for cross-border e-commerce, today announced Nita Lathia as the company's first head of marketplaces.

Prior to joining Passport, Lathia served as both vice president of product and vice president of solutions strategy at Pitney Bowes, where she had been responsible for building-out the company's cross-border platform for marketplaces. Earlier in her career, she was a senior product manager at Amazon Global Logistics.

"Nita is one of the most experienced and respected innovators in our industry."
Alex Yancher
Passport Co-Founder & CEO

During her tenure at Pitney Bowes, she developed, implemented and launched the company's Cross-Border Delivery Services (CBDS) from concept to go-to-market. Following its launch in 2018, digital and physical components of CBDS have been leveraged by major marketplaces and retailers.

"Nita is one of the most experienced and respected innovators in our industry and a pioneer in the design of cross-border delivery solutions for marketplaces," said Passport Co-Founder and CEO Alex Yancher. "Her vision for disrupting international e-commerce and parcel delivery aligns with our long-term business plans by enabling marketplaces and their sellers to confidently ship anywhere in the world."

In the newly-created position, Lathia will design next-generation, simple-to-use shipping solutions that are custom built for marketplaces and feature customer-friendly interfaces, turnkey Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) services and affordable shipping options.

"Passport has created an exciting opportunity for marketplaces and their sellers to grow their business outside of the U.S.," said Nita Lathia. "I look forward to transforming cross-border parcel delivery by making it simple and easy which, in turn, will accelerate Passport's growth by bringing international commerce to the mainstream."

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Founded in 2017, San Francisco-based Passport is an international shipping carrier built for e-commerce companies and their 3PLs including Kylie Cosmetics, Native Deodorants, Bombas, Raycon and LMNT. The company manages all the complexities associated with international shipping so their consumer brand customers can stay focused on their core business. At the same time, Passport offers end consumers door-to-door tracking and high-touch customer support on all packages being sent to more than 150 countries around the world. If you’re looking to grow your international shipping opportunities, be sure to contact our team to set up an exploratory call.

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