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Passport Shipping Protection for all Clients

Introducing Passport Shipping Protection for all Clients

The holidays are in full swing and so are shipping volumes! Your friends at Passport are here to make your holiday season just a bit easier. We’re extending our Passport Shipping Protection to all customers. From Black Friday through New Year’s Eve, we’re insuring all parcels up to $100 (including item value + shipping duties/tax)!

We know that Q4 can be a stressful time both for brands and for consumers — the percentage of first and last mile losses can increase due to global shipping volumes and higher than usual visibility due to the holidays. We can’t entirely prevent it, but we can make the conversation smoother with customers who have a great anticipation for these shipments. 

Here’s how Passport Shipping Protection works:
  • No need to opt into Passport Shipping Protection, protection is automatic

  • All labels printed from Black Friday until New Year's Eve are insured against loss or damage during shipping up to $100

    • Looking to cover more? You can opt into additional beyond the $100 - $200 insurance tier or our unlimited insurance tier (let your Customer Success Manager know or email us at

    • There are also opportunities to extend insurance coverage in the new year! 

  • The coverage extends to all the parcels shipped (no maximum on number of parcels) 


We’re excited to extend this offer to our partners and want to do all that we can to support you this holiday season — let’s get started!

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