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How Native Lowered Its Total Cost of Shipping

And learned to love its global customers

San Francisco, CA

Native shot to prominence immediately after its founding, building a passionate customer base around its offering of all-natural deodorant. In their own words, “We never use aluminum, parabens or sulfates in any of our products. We also never test on animals, except humans who volunteer. #NoCompromises”. Their message resonates with customers all over the world.

How Passport Helped

When we first engaged, Native was shipping to three countries. They had massive international demand. At the same time, Native was founded as a company that offered a best-in-class experience; they felt that their international shipping offerings didn’t live up to the brand’s standards.

Through the tracking experience, Passport assumes the bulk of shipping questions from the Native customer service team

Passport helped Native identify a few opportunities for improvement:

  • Dead tracking numbers
  • Quiet periods of tracking
  • High number of return to sender shipments
  • Limited data from carriers

These issues are expensive. First of all, the hard cost of support: consumers would email, and the Native team would have to research each shipping issue. Second, a bad consumer experience leads to missed revenue via higher-churn and less word-of-mouth. Additionally, in international shipping, return-to-sender shipments have the highest hard costs, as re-importing a product not only means lost revenue and a bad experience, but also another shipping leg.


Accurate timelines from your carrier


Last-mile delivery partner and tracking number surfaced


On-page support lets Passport handle shipping questions

The Passport Solution

The core of Passport’s solution for Native revolved around the branded tracking experience.

  • High-touch support, where consumers want it: Every tracking page has a help button, enabling Passport to intercept shipping questions, saving $2 or more for every ticket.
  • No more dead tracking numbers: Enough said.
  • Last-mile delivery information: Canada Post does the delivery for most parcels in Canada. Share the Canada Post tracking number and contact information, and self-service goes up.
  • Proactive notifications: Passport proactively notifies customers about shipping exceptions and door-tags, lowering the instance of return-to-sender shipments by 75%.

Now that international shipping lives up to Native’s brand standards going global is becoming a key part of their growth.

I just want to know, can you take over our domestic shipping too?
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