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Add Passport's carrier calculated rates to Shopify

Apr. 28 2022

Once you’ve downloaded Passport’s Shipping app, you’ll need to complete a few steps to surface rates and create the best possible international shipping experience for your customers.

1. Enable carrier calculated rates

If you have an Advanced or Plus Shopify Plan, you can skip this step – Carrier Calculated Shipping (CCS) is already enabled for your account!

There are three ways to enable this feature in Shopify:

  1. Switch to an annual plan and Shopify will add CCS for free.Once you’ve upgraded your plan, reach out to Shopify directly to have them enable this feature. 
  2. Contact Shopify Support to add CCS to your current plan for $20 per month.
  3. Switch to an Advanced Shopify plan, and CCS will be added for free.

Follow this link to learn more about carrier calculated rates from Shopify

2. Add Passport as a rate provider for international zones

Follow these instructions to surface Passport rates to your customers at checkout

  • Navigate to Settings within Shopify, and click on Shipping and Delivery

  • In the first section named Delivery methods at checkout, you will see a Shipping section

  • From here, select Manage

  • This will bring you to another screen where you can configure your shipping zone

There are a few things you need to do to complete the configuration. 

In your General Shipping settings, scroll down to your "Shipping to" section (below Products, and your "Shipping from" location), click Create Shipping Zone

  • A "Create Zone" window will appear (as shown in the image below)

  • Give your zone a name

  • Add all the countries that your brand will be shipping to with Passport by clicking on the specific regions – you can also use the search bar to find the destination(s) you’re looking for! 

  • Use the search function to find the countries that Passport does not ship to, and uncheck the box next to the name of that country

Click Done when the mapping for this zone is complete.

Now that you’ve created a Passport Zone, we need to add the rates. 

In your General Shipping settings, locate your Passport Zone and select Add Rate.

A window named Add Rate will appear

  • Select use carrier or app to calculate rates

  • Select passport-carrier from the drop-down menu

  • Select Passport Priority Shipping under Services

Click Done

Now that you’ve created a Passport Zone, and Shipping Rates, review your domestic shipping zone to make sure Passport is not enabled as the carrier.

3. Complete your product information

Confirm your products have all the following info:

  • SKU

  • Description

  • HS Code

  • Country of Origin 

  • Product weight

We use this information to ensure a seamless international shipping experience for your products.

You can bulk upload this information to Shopify using a CSV file by following these instructions.

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