Improved Transit Times, Tracking, & More

April 9, 2024 
|  Passport

“Canadian shipments now arrive a full day sooner, while Italian deliveries are expedited by 1.25 days.”

Passport Implements Network and Tech Enhancements to Help Brands Grow

At Passport, we’re dedicated to empowering ecommerce brands to grow globally. That’s why we’ve invested significant effort over the past year to refine every aspect of the global shipping journey.

Our goal? To offer unparalleled service to the brands we assist in expanding their reach worldwide. To do that, we’ve rolled out new improvements to our global network and our technology.

All of these enhancements, along with the recent introduction of Passport Global – our turnkey, bundled shipping and internationalization solution – are meant to make it as easy as possible for our customer brands and 3PLs to grow their international business. 

Faster Transit Times & Expanded Coverage

Last year, Passport made internal updates to our global shipping network to increase the control we have over first through final mile delivery, helping to streamline transit times in key markets, ensuring swift and reliable delivery.

While little to no change was made to how we work with brands and 3PLs, our enhancements have led to impressive speed gains, surpassing providers like DHL eCommerce and APC.

For instance, Canadian shipments now arrive a full day sooner, while Italian deliveries are expedited by 1.25 days. Hourly improvements have also been made to markets like Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Spain, further underscoring our commitment to efficiency around the world.

In addition to transit time improvements across key markets, we’ve also continued to add carriers to our growing global network, allowing customers to reach shoppers all over the world. This year, Passport will add an additional six new last mile vendors for major markets, like Canada and Latin America.

Enhanced Visibility through Branded Tracking and Proof of Delivery 

Eight-seven percent of online shoppers say that real-time order tracking makes their shopping experience more enjoyable, ultimately leading to higher brand loyalty. That’s why we’re continually refining how we provide tracking and delivery updates.

This quarter, Passport has launched a new feature that allows Passport tracking events to trigger updates in Shopify. These tracking updates allow companies to use their own branded emails and third-party email marketing applications to send personalized tracking notifications to shoppers. This helps to ensure that you always know where your shipments are, and creates a more consistent experience in line with your brand identity.

Additionally, our Canadian customer can now view photos as proof of delivery for packages delivered by Passport. This new feature offers more reassurance for shoppers that their package makes it to their intended destination.

Streamlined Operations and Intelligence in the Passport Portal

Our Passport Portal continues to evolve, offering a smoother shipping experience and robust reporting capabilities. 

NOTE: As of April 18th, the new URL to log in to the Passport portal will be: Users will automatically be redirected from the existing URL.

Notable updates include the ability to print return labels for international customers directly from the portal, streamlining the returns process.

This new feature enhances efficiency by automating label creation, offers a centralized platform for easy management of international returns, and improves customer satisfaction with a faster return experience.

Furthermore, our Shipping Intelligence dashboard boasts a refreshed interface, allowing users to analyze shipping data effortlessly and gain valuable insights for optimization. Users are able to see all their Passport shipping data, filtered by date, to view shipping exceptions and analyze transit times overtime by country.

View a video demo of our refreshed Shipping Intelligence dashboard to see the updates for yourself.

Continuously Innovating for a Better Shipping Experience

At Passport, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. These enhancements represent just a glimpse of our ongoing commitment to supporting ecommerce brands in their global endeavors. 

As always, our team is here to support you at every stage of your journey. Feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback—we’re here to help you thrive in the global marketplace.

Want to view some of these updates for yourself? Log in to the Passport Portal or email our team at to get setup with a portal account.