Introducing A New Partnership Integration with DCL Logistics

July 15, 2021 
|  Passport

Introducing A New Partnership Integration with DCL Logistics

Article reposted and modified with permission from DCL Logistics. Original article was posted on June 10, 2021 and found here.

Passport is proud to introduce a new partnership with our friends at DCL Logistics. Sellers accustomed to DCL’s customer-first fulfillment and logistics solutions now have access to a dedicated international shipping partner at Passport. This seamless integration with DCL’s existing fulfillment and shipping solutions provides a turnkey DDP solution and flexible international logistics, allowing sellers to more easily move products into new international markets and modify existing routes.

Passport has given Hydrant the ability to immediately test and identify key international markets with minimal capital expenditures. The seamless integration with Shopify and DCL allows for an great customer experience, something that is so important in today’s ecommerce focused environment.

Wesley Wey
Head of Operations at Hydrant

International Shipping With Customer-Centric, Uninterrupted Support

With customer experience at our core, Passport’s high-touch customer support is the perfect match to DCL’s dedication to customer-centric fulfillment. DCL brands now have access to a dedicated team of international shipping experts as an extension of their logistics team. Our team believes that there isn’t one right way to ship—Passport can now work with DCL sellers to test and optimize to identify the right shipping mix for their product, customers, and brand.

 “Most international solutions are rigid, expensive, and customer unfriendly—we feel that the elegance of the Passport solution coupled with their customer-centric focus will help our brands either penetrate new international markets or quickly lift the volume in existing ones.” 

Dave Tu
President of DCL Logistics

We’re excited to partner with the DCL team, with their 40-year history of dedicating themselves to being the best partners for customers, which includes choosing reputable supply chain partners.


“One of my greatest joys is hearing how Passport helps our customers scale. It only takes a few months to see real growth—from zero international sales to 20% of their business is a new overseas market. This type of growth is only possible with a well-integrated fulfillment partner like DCL Logistics to dial in the supply chain.” 

Andre Storm
Director of Sales at Passport Shipping

Growing International Sales Has Never Been Easier

DCL has provided its customers with the best quality logistics services at their fingertips—and now they have the opportunity to go global. For sellers who are looking to grow their international sales, both the possibilities and the benefits are endless:

  • Turnkey DDP Solution. No more held packages or surprise fees; sellers can charge and collect duty and tax fees at checkout to deliver a seamless delivery experience.
  • End-to-end Tracking. Sellers have access to a branded tracking page with accurate delivery dates, precise pickup locations, and direct integration with last mile carriers.
  • High-touch Customer Support. Passport will handle the day-to-day international shipping questions and support to enable sellers to focus on growing their global footprint.
  • One Simple Rate. Best in class parcel shipping, DDP calculator, customer support, and international customs expertise are all included in one flat rate.
  • Compliance Solutions. UK and EU VAT compliance service makes Passport the seller of record for ongoing compliance. Fully integrated HS code compliance. Regulatory compliance navigation for food, cosmetics, supplements, and other sensitive industries.
Ready To Go Global With Passport and DCL?

For those looking for best in class international shipping support, DCL Logistics and Passport are here to help. DCL’s Passport integration allows sellers to expand their international sales channels, reach their global customer base, optimize international shipping costs, and navigate international seller rules and regulations, all with the hands-on, personal support of both teams.

At Passport, we help brands reach their global potential. We partner with DTC brands to build international shipping solutions their international customers deserve. We’ve worked extensively with brands in various industries such as beauty and cosmetics, apparel, smaller consumer electronics, baby care, pet care, nutritional supplements, consumables, and more. If you’re a seller with high order volume, existing international shipping volume, and primarily ship from a US-based warehouse, Passport might just be the perfect fit.

DCL’s hassle-free fulfillment is going global—request a DCL quote or talk with an international shipping expert at Passport today to learn more.