Introducing Greener Passport: Go carbon neutral on us for 12 months

September 20, 2022 
|  Passport

Consumers are increasingly beginning to care about sustainability and demanding that the brands they buy from care about it too. And getting orders from warehouses to customers’ doorsteps is a big part of the puzzle. According to the EPA, Transportation accounts for 27% of total US greenhouse gas emissions.

To help brands make progress toward achieving their sustainability goals, Passport is launching Greener Passport, a program that offsets carbon emissions at no cost to the brand or the consumer. Brands that sign up to ship with Passport by January 31st will get 12 months of carbon offsets – for free.

Carbon offsets are any reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to make up for emissions that occur elsewhere. This is achieved by purchasing a carbon offset credit. Carbon offset credits are tokens of proof that an organization has funded a project whose activity is counteracting carbon emissions.

Passport is partnering with EcoCart to invest in carbon-offsetting projects to make shipments carbon-neutral. Some of the carbon offsetting activities that Passport is supporting include forest protection, forest management, water purification, composting, creating clean energy sources, ocean conservation and cleanup, and more.


Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up to ship with Passport by January 31st, 2023

  • Passport will cover 100% of carbon offset for 12 months of shipments

  • Brands can add a badge at checkout to let customers know that their shipments are carbon neutral


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