Passport and DutyCast Partner to Increase Access to Cross-Border E-Commerce

April 25, 2023 
|  Passport

Cross-border E-commerce has become a significant trend in recent years and is expected to reach $7 trillion by 2026 per eMarketer. There are several reasons why consumers choose to shop cross-border, including lower prices, local availability, and unique product offerings.

However, cross-border E-commerce presents challenges due to varying tax and customs duties by country and high shipping fees. These factors cause significant inconvenience for consumers and businesses.

To tackle these pain points, Passport Shipping, an international eCommerce shipping carrier, and DutyCast, a consumer-facing checkout solution, have announced their partnership to deliver innovative global shopping solutions.

“Dutycast and Passport are increasing access to the cross-border eCommerce industry by personalizing experiences for global shoppers and removing all trade complexities and regional nuances for brands,” said Tam Dang, co-founder of DutyCast. “Our belief is that international shopping should be as easy as local shopping. This collaboration ensures consumers can shop globally with ease using a reliable and cost-effective international shipping solution. DutyCast also offers brands an effective sales and marketing channel to reach their global consumers.”

 Passport Shipping and DutyCast are committed to breaking down barriers to cross-border commerce and making it accessible to all customers by more US brands to sell internationally. 

“We are thrilled to partner with DutyCast and leverage their innovative technology to bring world-class cross-border shipping to our customers,” said Alex Yancher, CEO of Passport Shipping. “With our expertise in international shipping and DutyCast’s international checkout platform, we can provide businesses and consumers with a seamless shopping experience that eliminates the complexities of cross-border transactions. Our goal is to make global shopping as easy as local shopping, and this partnership is a significant step towards achieving that vision.”


For more information about Passport Shipping and DutyCast, visit here: Passport | Dutycast