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Our team at Passport compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about returns to ensure that brands have access to any and all info about working with us. If you’re looking for answers from international shipping experts, we’re here to help!

Where does Passport offer returns?

Passport can print a one-off return label for any market we serve. In select markets, we offer the ability to consolidate many returns into a single shipment to reduce transportation costs.  Consolidation services are available in Canada, Australia, The United Kingdom, and 19 European Union countries.

Can I use my current returns platform?

Absolutely! Passport works with all major returns platforms like Happy Returns, Loop Returns, Return Logic, and others. You can leverage Passport’s negotiated rates with first mile carriers to print a domestic or international shipping label.

How do I use Passport as a carrier for returns?

If your returns platform supports local carriers like Canada Post, Royal Mail, or Australia Post, your customers can print a label through our integrations with the transportation management systems that support your returns platform. Most returns platforms use EasyPost or Shippo to print carrier labels. Since Passport is a listed carrier on these platforms, setting up Passport on these providers is simple and painless.

How much does it cost?

Passport offers very aggressive returns rates from a network of carriers that are up to 40% cheaper than the rates you might get on your own. Passport offers an all-in rate so there are no surprise fees.

Is there a contract or minimums?

No, you only pay for what we ship. If you don’t have enough volume starting out to consolidate your packages, you can still ship them back one-by-one.

What’s the easiest way to get started with returns?

International returns are tricky. Since the shipment is crossing a border, there are customs requirements that must be collected and submitted with the shipment.  Since many returns platforms only allow domestic labels to be printed, the easiest way to get started is by leveraging Passport’s consolidation solutions. Your customer just prints a local label and drops the package off with a familiar carrier like their local post. The shipment goes to Passport’s consolidation point in that country. Here, we handle all of the international shipment processing so your customers don’t have to worry about customs details. Packages are consolidated into a freight shipment back to your 3PL or fulfillment center.  

How do returns work with Passport’s Seller of Record program?

In some markets like the UK and the EU, you will need to ship on a known tax ID in order to reclaim duty and taxes paid on products that are imported and then returned. With Passport’s Seller of Record (SoR) program, you ship on our VAT ID. This makes it possible for Passport to reclaim import duties and taxes paid on products that are subsequently returned.

How long will it take to get my returns back?

This depends on how often you’d like your returns back! We feature expedited returns services with time-in-transits less than one week from many countries, useful for getting high-value goods back or for quickly reshelving seasonal items. For less urgent returns, we offer consolidated returns solutions that typically collect packages over a couple weeks or up to a month. With Passport Returns, you have the ability to choose the service levels that make the most sense for your business today, and the flexibility to make changes as your business expands tomorrow.

Do I have to pay duties and taxes on products returned to the US?

No.  While most returns will be under the $800 de minimis, making them free of duties, taxes, or brokerage fees, consolidated returns will often be above that threshold. Regardless, the customs broker can file CBP Form 3311 (Declaration for Free Entry of American Goods Returned) and clear the products under HTS Subheading 9801.00.10 (U.S and Foreign Goods Returned) to forego paying duties and taxes.

Do I have to pay duties and taxes if I ship an exchange product to a customer?

The general rule is, yes, you should pay duties and taxes on the exchange shipment and recoup duties and taxes paid on the original shipment. If Passport shipped the original item and facilitated the return, we can help you and your customers reclaim duties and taxes paid on the returned product.

How do I reclaim duties and taxes on a shipment to Canada?

If your customer paid duty and tax when they purchased the product (DDP), Passport can help them reclaim this when they return the shipment. There are two options.  Canadian consumers can request a refund directly from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) through the Casual Refund Program. Passport will provide your customer with detailed instructions to submit the refund request, and we will provide supporting documents that your customer will need to submit like the import summary report that details duties and taxes paid.

If you would like to automate this process for your customers, you can do so through the Casual Refund Electronic Data Interchange Transaction System (CREDITS) program. As an approved provider, Passport can submit refund requests to CBSA on your customer’s behalf. CBSA will reimburse the brand directly, allowing you to refund the product cost and any duties and taxes paid at time of purchase. Please note that there is an approval process to participate in this program and an administrative fee.

What other returns options do I have?

If you don’t want to return a product that may be damaged or unusable, Passport can help you with other disposition options. In many cases, you can still reclaim duties and taxes on products that are donated or destroyed. We can send returns to an approved recycling partner in the region, or dispose of the products and certify them as destroyed so that you can reclaim duties and taxes paid.

Does Passport offer customer support for returns?

Of course! While technical or web-related challenges will need to be addressed by your preferred returns platform, your customers will be able to reach out to directly for assistance with reclaiming the duties and taxes on their returned order.

Where will my customers drop off their returns?

Canadian customers can use any of Canada Post’s 6,100 retail post offices, or their 23,000 letterboxes, to drop off their prelabeled return package.

What if my customer wants to exchange instead of returning their item?

Passport is happy to assist with exchanges! We’ll work with you to make sure the appropriate Customs declarations are made for the exchanged goods to avoid overpaying duties and taxes. 

Is there tracking for returns?

Our Direct Returns products are tracked end-to-end in real time, from origin scan to delivery. For returns coming back in our Consolidated model, Passport will typically be able to provide biweekly updates on the status of your returns.

Still have questions about returns?

Even with all the answers to our most frequently asked questions, there's a chance we might not have covered it all. As your international shipping partners, we want to ensure all of our brands are equipped to handle anything in regards to returns. Contact our team with any additional questions -- our trusted advisors are here to help!

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