Getting Bandwidth Back

With Passport's expert support, Capacity saved 81 business days of valuable time.




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Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

With over 25 years of experience, Capacity is a seasoned third-party logistics (3PL) provider, offering extensive expertise in ecommerce and OmniChannel fulfillment. They work closely with brands to address challenges and provide tailored solutions to help them scale effectively. As the demand for international shipping grew among their clients, Capacity recognized the need for a robust partner to navigate the complexities of global logistics and compliance. That’s when they turned to Passport.

International Challenges and Pain Points

Capacity’s journey with Passport began five years ago, driven by a mutual client eager to serve international customers. As the partnership developed, it became clear that Capacity had previously encountered several challenges common among 3PLs in the global shipping space. Some of the barriers they encountered include:

  • Complex Logistics – Equipping brands with an easy method for international shipping including prepaid duties (DDP) and minimal setup was a challenge.
  • Client Education – Educating clients on the intricacies of international shipping, including compliance with ever-changing regulations in various markets consumed significant resources.
  • Customer Service – Delivering high-quality service and providing tracking updates to end customers required dedicated efforts that were outside of their existing customer service processes.
  • Operational Bandwidth – Managing a growing volume of inquiries and support tickets generated by international orders strained resources.

How Passport Helped

Implementing Passport’s solutions marked a pivotal enhancement for Capacity. We introduced a streamlined method for delivered duty paid (DDP) shipping, greatly simplifying the setup process for their clients. Passport also took on the critical role of educating brands about international shipping, from duties and taxes to compliance standards and everything in between. This allowed Capacity to offer expanded options for international shipping without impacting its core operations.

When Passport partners with a brand, we provide comprehensive support through onboarding and education on international shipping to ensure their success. As the carrier, we offer industry-leading tracking and visibility, taking full responsibility for each package’s journey from warehouse to doorstep. Additionally, Passport handles all customer inquiries regarding international shipments, giving brands and 3PLs valuable time to focus on growing their business. Over the course of our relationship, Passport triaged 4,800+ support tickets on behalf of Capacity and their brands, freeing up more than 655 business hours – equivalent to over 81 business days of internal bandwidth.

“Passport is a great solution for our brands expanding into foreign markets like the UK and the European Union. Their solutions are top-of-the-line, but they also do an incredible job of educating the client about the ins and outs of a very complex process. I love recommending Passport to our brands.”

Kevin Bernick

VP of Business Development | Capacity

Impacts of Partnering with Passport

The results of the Capacity-Passport partnership are nothing short of transformative. A key factor in our success was the time and effort invested in learning about each brand’s products to ensure the proper shipping requirements were met for each country. This comprehensive approach, combined with our leading international solutions, achieved substantial impacts:

  • Scalability & Growth – Starting in 2020, Capacity and Passport initially supported two ecommerce brands. Today, we collectively support nearly 20 brands and manage hundreds of thousands of shipments, achieving nearly 250% growth in volume.
  • Efficiency Gains – Passport has resolved over 4,800+ support tickets for our shared brands, saving time and allowing them to reallocate resources to more strategic initiatives.
  • Enhanced Client Relationships – Capacity strengthened client relationships by connecting their brands to a reliable international shipping service they couldn’t otherwise access. Additionally, Passport’s expert and responsive support aligned with Capacity’s stringent customer service requirements.

Capacity and Passport’s Collaborative Success

Passport’s partnership with Capacity has revolutionized its international shipping operations. By leveraging our global solutions, Capacity has scaled efficiently, saved valuable resources, and enabled their clients to expand internationally. This collaboration highlights the value of working with a reliable international carrier that not only excels in logistics but also shares a commitment to exceptional service.

For 3PLs looking to elevate international shipping capabilities and fuel the growth of their ecommerce brands, Passport provides the expertise and support needed to navigate the complexities of global expansion – all while freeing up internal bandwidth and strengthening customer relationships.

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