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Why you should tell customers exactly what they'll pay at checkout

Nov. 28 2022

Shipping internationally can come with a whole host of regulations—add a layer of heightened expectations and volume during the holiday season and now the need to deliver a great customer experience is as important as ever.

For brands looking to ship to Canada this holiday season, there are a number of key elements that will play a crucial role in creating a great experience for your international customers. In this blog, we'll talk about telling customers exactly what they’ll pay at checkout

Transparency throughout the checkout process is one of the more crucial elements to creating a smooth and successful customer experience. When you don’t include duties and taxes in the checkout process, the carrier might show up at your customer’s door with a bill for duties and taxes. These delayed or unexpected “hidden costs” can negatively impact the delivery experience.

To avoid irate “I didn’t order this” calls and rejected or returned orders, it’s always best to include all duties, taxes, and fees when the customer places the order so that packages can be delivered successfully.

Choosing a landed cost calculator

Understanding the landed cost associated with shipping goods to their final destination is crucial.

But not all landed cost calculators are created equal — some are just generic estimates, while the best landed cost solutions guarantee that the recipient will not pay anything on delivery. Make sure that your landed cost solution can account for: 

  • Provincial sales tax (when applicable)

  • Reduced tax rates for qualifying products like books and children’s clothes

  • Free trade agreements that can lower or eliminate duties

Pro tip: Audit a sampling of recent shipments, or ask your carrier for an “entry summary packet” that shows the duties, taxes, and brokerage fees assessed.

Are you ready to show your customers exactly how much they need to pay? Reach out to us at to learn more about our landed cost solution.


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