Shipping to Canada FAQ

International Shipments

Delivery of Products purchased from the Merchant shall occur, and risk of loss and title to Products shall pass to customer, in the case of Products shipped by courier / carrier, at the time (Merchant) transfers the Products to the carrier or shipping agent at the facility in the United States from which customer’s order is shipped or, in the case of Products shipped through the United States Postal Service, at the time (Merchant) transfers physical possession of the Products to the United States Postal Service or its agent.

Customs Fees (if applicable)

Orders shipped outside the United States may be subject to customs import duties and/or taxes based on the destination country. If assessed, customs charges (i.e., duties and taxes) are the responsibility of the customer in addition to shipping cost. (Merchant) is unable to predict or control customs charges as they are levied by the destination country.


For goods shipped by means other than through the United States Postal Service By ordering Products from (Merchant), you authorize the customs broker selected by (Merchant) or its shipping agent to act as your agent to transact business with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to clear merchandise, pay duties and taxes, and to handle any merchandise returns and refund claims on your behalf. On checkout, we calculate and collect the applicable taxes and duties that the broker will pay on your behalf to the CBSA.

For goods shipped through the United States Postal Service

Products will be shipped through the United States Postal Service (USPS) and ultimately through Canada Post. Goods may be shipped through the USPS ePacket service, in which case applicable duties and taxes will be collected by the Merchant or its shipping agent and paid to the CBSA on your behalf if assessed by CBSA at the time of importation, or through the regular USPS service, in which case you are responsible for paying the applicable duties and taxes at the time you receive your Products. In either case, you are ultimately responsible for paying all applicable duties and taxes on the Products.