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Do’s & Don’ts of Shipping Personal Care Products To Canada

Do’s & Don’ts of Shipping Personal Care Products To Canada


“We don’t ship internationally yet...” “We’re not sure how much duties and taxes will be...” “Our customers are responsible for making sure our products can be shipped to their country...”

Any of these responses sound familiar? For brands looking to expand their market and go global, it can be a challenge to take on the myriad of regulations and restrictions. And shipping personal care products to Canada is no exception. However, there is ample opportunity for brands to go global, estimate landed cost, and more clearly understand trade regulations. Your friends at Passport have compiled a simple list of Do’s and Don’ts for your brand to tackle importing cosmetics and personal care products to Canada.


  • Don’t attempt to ship prohibited or restricted products, as violations could remove brands’ products from the Canadian market in its entirety.
  • Do familiarize yourself with regulatory guidelines for personal care products and ensure proper labeling, registration, and packaging depending on product ingredients.


  • Don’t risk shipping personal care products without registration. It’s in brands’ best interest to notify via Cosmetic Notification Form, even if goods are intended for personal use and not for resale.
  • Do complete a Cosmetic Notification Form (CNF) within 10 days of selling a cosmetic in Canada.


  • (If possible) Don’t put the burden back on consumers to determine duties, taxes, and import regulations for their country.
  • Do present options to your customers when possible – disclose total shipping costs (duties, taxes, applicable import fees).


  • (If possible) Don’t register as a non-resident importer (NRI) unless brands are also selling through a B2B channel or forward-stocking products in CA warehouses/fulfillment centers. NRIs cannot take advantage of increased duty de minimis of $150CAD through USMCA.
  • Do take advantage of partnering with experts on personal care product classification, ingredient and formula review, packaging and labeling review, label translations, lab tests and toxicological risk assessments, and Cosmetic Notification Form preparation and submission.

Still have questions?

Even with the simple do's and don'ts to help you get started, we know it can be overwhelming to sort through the myriad of regulations and guidelines alone. Enter in: Passport. Contact our team to set up an exploratory call so we can understand your international expansion goals and recommend a go-to-market approach.Our trusted advisors can help you seamlessly enter the Canadian market -- let’s get started!


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