eBook: How to Ensure the Best US-to-Canada E-Commerce Shipping Experience

May 12, 2023 
|  Passport

As e-commerce continues to boom, businesses are looking for ways to expand their revenue streams beyond their domestic market. For US-based e-tailers, Canada represents a huge opportunity as the country’s retail e-commerce revenue is projected to reach $90 billion by 2025. In fact, Canada is the US’s 3rd largest trading partner, making it an ideal target for cross-border e-commerce sales.

However, before diving into the Canadian market, there are a few things US businesses need to know. To help guide them through the process, Passport has released an eBook titled “The top 4 things US businesses need to know before shipping to Canada”. This eBook covers everything from the opportunity and business considerations to shipping, restrictions, and return options for e-commerce into Canada.

One of the key advantages of selling into Canada is the high internet penetration and close proximity along an enormous shared border. According to Canada Post, the average Canadian consumer makes nine cross-border purchases per year, making it a prime market for US businesses to tap into. Additionally, the USMCA free trade agreement between the US, Mexico, and Canada has reduced duties and tariffs for imports, making it even more attractive for Canadian shoppers to buy American.

If you’re a US e-Commerce brand looking to expand into Canada, this eBook is a must-read. With valuable insights and practical tips, it will help you navigate the Canadian market and make the most of the e-commerce opportunity. Download the eBook here!