Resolve to Make the Most Out of Your Returns in 2022 (and Beyond)

January 12, 2022 
|  Passport

Resolve to Make the Most Out of Your Returns in 2022 (and Beyond)


The New Year typically means two things for Direct-to-Consumer brands – exciting new goals and resolutions for the year ahead, and an influx of post-holiday returns. A brand’s returns experience can be a make-or-break point for discerning consumers, who expect the same level of simplicity and convenience for their returns as they do for their purchases. Today, these lofty expectations transcend borders, and international customers are demanding more than “email our support team” for their returns experience. Add in the complexities of cross-border shipping, and brands face a host of unique challenges to delivering a world-class returns experience for their customers. 

At Passport, we see valuable opportunity where others see costly obstacles in the cross-border returns process. We help some of the world’s premier Direct-to-Consumer brands differentiate themselves on the global stage with innovative and simple returns solutions, and we’d love to help your brand do the same. To help you get started, we’ve put together a few New Year’s Resolutions to help tackle cross-border returns in 2022:

1. Find inner balance

Identify flexible, scalable reverse logistics solutions that balance cost and time-in-transit 

The returns solution that made the most sense for your brand last year may not make as much sense as you consider major cross-border growth in the year ahead. Passport knows the needs of D2C brands are constantly evolving, so we’ve built our returns services to meet you where you’re at today and to grow with you tomorrow. Whether your brand is exploring international expansion for the first time, or you need cost-effective transportation for your rapidly scaling returns volume, we have an option that will bring balance to your international return shipping.

Passport offers Consolidated Returns so you can take advantage of bulk shipping rates and simplify customs clearance back into the US. Or you can use Direct Returns to get your limited-run or seasonal merchandise back on the shelf quickly. Either way, you’ll get access to Passport’s negotiated rates (that save our brands up to 40% compared to list) while avoiding months-long setup processes with local carriers. And you can rest assured we’ll always be here to support as your brand grows and your needs change.

2. Put yourself first 

Prioritize exchanges over refunds to unlock more value from your returns process

Offering customers alternatives to returns for refund can help avoid lost sales and revenues. Giving customers direct incentives to exchange rather than return can turn a troublesome process into a direct value driver for your brand. We partner with platforms such as Loop to make international exchanges make sense for our brands. Whether you simply want to make gift exchanges easier, or you want to offer free shipping on exchanges that encourages customers to shop (and spend) more, Passport is happy to assist. 

We’ll make sure the appropriate customs declarations are made for the exchanged goods to avoid overpaying duties and taxes. And we’ll provide cost-effective transportation for each leg of the journey, so you can extract maximum value out of your returns and exchanges.

3. More quality time 

Outsource specialized customer support processes to free up time and resources

We know your customer experience is likely your number one priority. But customer experience can suffer when limited resources are stretched too thin, especially when they’re asked to support complex, specialized processes like duty and tax reclamation. To alleviate the strain on an already overburdened support inbox, Passport can shoulder some of your support load. 

While technical or web-related challenges will need to be addressed by your preferred returns platform, your customers will be able to connect to Passport directly for assistance with returns shipping and reclaiming the duties and taxes on their returned order. Simply having a reclamation process can be a significant differentiator in a landscape where many brands require their customers to forfeit their valuable dollars paid in duty and tax. When delivered by Passport’s high-touch support experts, you can create a genuinely lovable returns and reclamation experience for your customers.

4. Cut out negativity

Avoid post-shipping surprises with transparent, upfront, all-in pricing

Every dollar counts for your growing brand. So don’t leave dollars on the table by committing to shipping rates that include ambiguous fees, accessorials, and surcharges. Commit, instead, to knowing exactly what your costs will be upfront. Passport believes in providing transparent, all-inclusive return rates; no more nasty New Year’s surprises on your holiday returns invoice. From the first mile leaving your customer’s home, to the final mile arriving at your receiving dock, we’ve rolled it all into one straightforward rate, so you’ll always know what to expect from each return shipment

Want to learn more?

Even with the holiday influx, returns matter for your brand year-round. If you’d like to commit to improving your cross-border returns experience in 2022 (and beyond), contact our team today and let Passport help you:

  • Unlock up to 40% discounts on list rates with carriers like Canada Post, Royal Mail, and Australia Post

  • Eliminate surprise fees and post-shipping accessorials with transparent, upfront pricing

  • Gain flexibility to scale your Returns solution over time, with direct and consolidated options

  • Enhance your customer’s experience with simple, straightforward duty and tax reclamation


We wish you a very Happy New Year and look forward to hearing from you very soon!