Passport Global: A Turnkey Solution for Growing International Ecommerce

May 8, 2024 
|  Passport

Navigating the dynamic landscape of international ecommerce presents both vast opportunities and significant challenges for US-based brands. As global online sales are projected to reach $6.3 trillion by the end of 2024, and with cross-border transactions growing at twice the rate of the domestic US market, businesses are increasingly seeking effective ways to expand into new countries. Amidst this booming sector, Passport Global emerges as an all-in-one internationalization solution, developed to address the hurdles merchants face when selling and shipping products abroad. 

Common international ecommerce difficulties include:
  • Implementing localized experiences
  • Handling complex logistics
  • Managing trade compliance
  • Poor tracking visibility
  • Lack of brand and customer support
  • Delayed cash flow from Merchant of Record

In this article, we’ll explore how Passport Global resolves these critical issues, empowering companies to thrive worldwide and capitalize on international opportunities.

What is Passport Global?

Passport Global is a turnkey global shipping and internationalization solution for businesses looking to streamline end-to-end processes and accelerate brand growth. By combining in-house parcel shipping capabilities, compliance expertise, and localization services, Passport Global simplifies the complexities of international shipping, enabling seamless market entry, improved storefront configurations, and overall enhanced customer satisfaction. 

Its comprehensive approach includes everything from efficient customs handling and accurate landed cost calculations to customizable shipment tracking pages and strategic growth advisory support, all designed to boost cart conversions and foster repeat purchases. With Passport Global, companies can effortlessly scale their operations worldwide while maintaining complete control over their brand.

Top 4 Benefits: Why Choose Passport Global

Choosing the right international solutions provider is crucial for maximizing business growth and customer satisfaction. Passport Global stands out by offering distinct advantages that not only simplify the complexities of global commerce but also enhance your company’s capabilities in key areas. Below, we highlight the top four benefits of partnering with Passport Global, each demonstrating how our services can elevate your global strategy and performance.

1. Improve Conversions with a Better Customer Experience

Passport Global facilitates a seamless shopping experience by supporting localized currency, content, and payment methods across 132 currencies and 21 languages. This enables brands to create a familiar and tailored environment for global audiences with SEO-optimized domains. Notably, sites that localize currency on product pages see a 40% increase in conversion rates. Additionally, implementing data-driven pricing strategies like flat-rate or free shipping thresholds can further optimize the sales funnel.

At checkout, Passport Global promotes transparency with real-time, accurate duty and tax calculations, directly addressing the main cause of cart abandonment – unexpected costs. Customers can then select their preferred shipping option, making decisions based on cost and delivery speed. Passport’s high-touch end-customer service further ensures a smooth international experience.

Example: In the EU and UK, shoppers are accustomed to seeing pricing with taxes included. Adding on these additional costs at checkout can cause hesitation and ultimately lead to cart abandonment. Passport Global addresses this by advising brands to incorporate duties and taxes into their product prices and charge a flat-rate shipping fee, ensuring compliance with local regulations and building customer trust.

2. Generate Repeat Buyers with Superior International Shipping

With robust logistics, Passport provides a seamless international shipping experience to virtually any country. Our customizable branded tracking pages provide door-to-door visibility and feature enhancements like chat support and on-page product recommendations, boosting customer engagement and fostering loyalty. Studies show that 87% of shoppers appreciate real-time tracking for a more enjoyable experience and 59% say it boosts their brand loyalty.

As an industry leader in tracking and visibility, we’re continuously enhancing Passport’s global network with new functionalities and delivery options. We also take full responsibility for every package, ensuring reliable delivery and protecting your company’s reputation.

3. Save Time, Money, and Stress with Expert Support

Passport Global streamlines your entry into international markets by managing the complexities of cross-border selling. Our compliance services efficiently handle customs processes to prevent costly delays, while our growth specialists work with you to tailor and optimize strategies for specific regions. Our team of licensed customs brokers and trade experts provide detailed guidance, assisting you in navigating regulations associated with your products. 

The Passport Seller of Record™ program further simplifies international taxes, granting access to key markets without the need to establish a local entity or hire an expensive accounting firm. Additionally, our high-touch customer service ensures direct and timely communication, enhancing responsiveness. This comprehensive support allows you to concentrate on expanding your business, while we handle the challenges that come with internationalization.

“Passport has been a valuable partner in helping us drive international sales growth by enhancing the localized customer experience and cutting down our expenses.”
– Austin Jang, VP of Operations, Dolls Kill

 4. Maintain Control Over Your Brand with Flexible Services

Services provided by Passport Global enable ecommerce brands to retain full control over their store experience, first-party data, and cash flow. Other comparable outsourced models such as Merchant of Record, often limit flexibility and delay access to funds. Our enablement approach offers scalable expertise and support, allowing businesses to grow their international presence without compromising autonomy.

How Passport Global Drives International Success

To support businesses in their expansion, Passport Global offers a full suite of services designed to streamline every aspect of international ecommerce. Here’s how we facilitate your success in global markets:

  • International Shipping Services – Offer reliable shipping to over 220 markets by leveraging Passport’s extensive global network. Choose between DDU and DDP,  along with delivery options including Economy, Priority, Expedited, and Express. Our services integrate seamlessly with major 3PLs, commerce platforms like Shopify, and transportation management systems, enabling quick market entry.
  • Landed Cost Calculator – Ensure transparent pricing by accurately displaying and collecting all duties and taxes in real-time at checkout. Buyers can easily compare shipping options and make a selection based on cost and delivery speed.
  • Localization – Enhance your customer’s shopping experience by integrating localized currency, product pricing, and content strategies. Utilize personalized storefront configurations and A/B testing to improve conversions and profitability across diverse markets.
  • Pricing Optimization – Optimize shipping prices displayed in the cart with free and flat-rate analysis, ensuring accurate and equitable costs for both customers and your business.
  • Compliance Services – Ease entry into international markets with comprehensive compliance services. Passport’s licensed customs brokers ensure accurate HS code classification and offer guidance on product descriptions and valuation as well as detailed regulatory assessments to facilitate smooth customs clearance in complex markets. Plus, our pioneered Passport Seller of Record program manages tax registration, collection, reporting, and remittance.
  • Branded Tracking Pages – Offer consumers a seamless tracking experience with customizable and editable branded tracking pages, featuring status updates, product suggestions, and push notifications for consistent engagement.
  • Portal Access – Track your brand’s shipments and access analytics anytime through Passport’s digital portal, ensuring you’re always informed and up-to-date.
  • High-Touch Customer & Brand Support – International end-customer inquiries are efficiently handled through a seamless blend of automation and professional human assistance, alleviating the workload for your team. Brands also benefit from dedicated, ongoing support provided by a committed success team.
  • Insurance & Returns – Passport offers insurance options and reverse logistics, along with duty and tax refunds when applicable, providing complete support across your global operations.
  • Growth Advisory – Strengthen your international expansion strategy with a dedicated growth advisory specialist. Our experts offer advice on tailored marketing, pricing, and storefront strategies, plus A/B testing and best practice insights to maximize conversion rates.

International Ecommerce Solutions

In the ever-evolving ecommerce space, Passport Global distinguishes itself as an innovative solution that empowers companies to expand internationally with ease. From optimizing shipping processes and ensuring compliance to driving increased conversions and repeat purchases, our internationalization capabilities provide support every step of the way. By choosing Passport Global, businesses can simplify the complexities of international selling while remaining in control of their brand and customer experiences. 

Ready to transform your brand’s global ecommerce strategy and accelerate growth? Schedule your Passport Global demo today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Passport Global?

Passport Global is a turnkey solution for ecommerce businesses looking to expand globally, offering integrated logistics, compliance services, and localization strategies. It streamlines cross-border commerce, facilitating seamless market entry and improving customer satisfaction. This allows companies to grow internationally while maintaining brand control and enhancing customer experiences.

What is the difference between Passport Global and Passport Shipping?

Passport Shipping provides a menu of in-house logistics including global shipping, branded tracking pages, and select compliance services, as well as optional enhancements like landed cost calculations and Passport Seller of Record™. Passport Global is a bundled internationalization solution that includes all Passport Shipping offerings, plus additional localization, growth advisory, and a full suite of compliance services for complete, end-to-end support.

What are the benefits of Passport Global?

Passport Global boosts conversion rates with localized shopping experiences and offers reliable international shipping that enhances customer loyalty. It simplifies customs and compliance management, saving time and reducing stress for businesses. Additionally, it enables brands to maintain complete control over their store, cash flow, and customer data, providing unmatched flexibility in international expansion.

What does Passport Global include?

Passport Global includes a range of features designed to streamline international ecommerce, such as international shipping options to over 220 markets, a real-time landed cost calculator, localization services for currency and content, pricing optimization tools, comprehensive compliance services, customizable tracking pages, and portal access for shipment monitoring. It also offers high-touch customer support and specialized growth advisory services to enhance global strategy execution.

Is Seller of Record included with Passport Global?

Yes, Passport Global includes Seller of Record, which simplifies international tax compliance for businesses expanding globally. This service allows companies to operate in international markets without the need to establish a local entity or deal with complex tax regulations, facilitating easier access to new markets.

What is Passport Seller of Record?

Passport Seller of Record is a solution that manages tax collection and remittance on behalf of businesses in international markets. This allows companies to legally sell products in various regions without needing to establish a local presence or navigate complex tax regulations themselves. It simplifies the process of complying with international tax laws, ensuring that all duties, taxes, and regulatory requirements are handled efficiently, which helps businesses expand their operations globally with reduced administrative burdens.

What is internationalization?

Internationalization is the process through which a company expands its operations beyond its domestic boundaries to establish a presence in foreign markets. This strategic move aims to increase market share, profitability, and competitiveness by accessing new markets, resources, and opportunities. As global commerce continues to grow, internationalization has become an essential tool for business expansion and growth.