Gloss Ventures

Gloss Ventures’ Global Expansion

Customer Story




Gloss Ventures, a portfolio of four brands specializing in health and beauty, has a mission to innovate and create beauty products for the next generation. Their challenge was to expand globally and ensure cost-effective, reliable, and fast international shipping.

Challenges with Previous International Shipping Carrier

Before partnering with Passport, Gloss Ventures used a global shipping carrier for international shipping.

They faced several challenges with this solution:

  • Cost: The high shipping costs were a significant concern for Gloss Ventures, which impacted their profit margins.
  • Friction Point from Cart Setup: Customers were unexpectedly receiving duty bills at the time of delivery, which created friction and resulted in more return-to-sender parcels and orders declined upon receipt.

Why Gloss Ventures Switched to Passport

Gloss Ventures decided to make a switch to Passport Shipping due to several reasons:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Passport offered affordable international delivery options, which helped Gloss Ventures reduce their shipping expenses.
  • Peer Recommendation: The recommendation from peers who had experienced the benefits of Passport’s services played a crucial role in their decision.
  • Streamlined Operations: Passport’s Seller of Record (SOR) program simplified several processes for their finance and operations teams, particularly in the UK and Eurozone, where Brexit had created complexities.

Results Since Partnering with Passport

Since partnering with Passport Shipping, Gloss Ventures has achieved these results:

  • Improved Customer Service
    They gained reliability and consistency with international orders being delivered on time, and eliminated surprises like unexpected duty bills.
  • Global Expansion
    Passport enabled Gloss Ventures to expand their customer base internationally.
  • Enhanced Efficiency
    By consolidating their operations and utilizing Passport’s comprehensive dashboard for all of their brands, Gloss Ventures streamlined fulfillment while being able to view all their shipment data and intelligence.
  • Market Expansion
    Gloss Ventures experienced improved shipping speeds and lead times in the UK, Eurozone, and Canada, leading to higher customer satisfaction in these regions, all while shipping with the confidence that all parcels would be covered by Passport’s parcel protection service.