Tips For Shipping Food Internationally

April 7, 2022 
|  Passport

For US food brands, expanding to international markets can be a seemingly daunting task with a myriad of regulations. Your friends at Passport are here to help break down some of those requirements and offer some helpful tips to consider when looking to ship food internationally. 

We know that reaching those international customers is a great opportunity, but can come with country-specific regulations when trying to ship/import. When looking at the regulatory requirements to ship food, most guidance advises you to:


  • Properly register your company in the import country and obtain a Business Number

  • Ensure proper packaging of products

  • Obtain any import permit and provide this number on import documents

  • Be sure to check for additional import licenses, permits, or documents are required for your specific products

  • Properly label your products, including in specific languages if required

  • Adhere to import quotas and restrictions


Of course, there are some food and beverage products that are more regulated.  That’s where Passport can help. We can map your products to the proper regulations to reduce the chances that your shipments are held at the border. If specific products are restricted or regulated, we can help you obtain the proper import documents. As your carrier, Passport makes sure that all international shipping documents are complete and accurate.

Reach out to us at if you have any questions or would like to start shipping internationally or fill out the contact form here!